Essay on walking is the best exercise

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Essay on walking is the best exercise

Just having to walk by treadmills, stationary bikes, and weight machines can be enough to make you head straight back home to the couch. However, it's not necessary to spend four hours in the gym every day to feel and see a marked improvement to your overall health.

What is necessary, however, is to make sure that you are maximizing your time — even if is far less than four hours per day. Top 10 Best Exercises to Keep You Healthy and Fit The focus of this article is exercise — the 10 favorite, most effective ones to reach your goals.

Obviously, any exercise program depends on the underlying health status of the participant. Be certain that your health is appropriate for exercise prior to attempting a new program. Interval Training This refers to doing almost any type of exercise at a variable pace.

Essay on walking is the best exercise

You can walk normally for a minute or so, and then speed up a bit, and then return to normal speed several times. For exercises like push-ups, do a few slowly and do others more quickly and, like walking, repeat these faster and slower intervals several times.

Interval training helps the body to adjust its aerobic system heart rate, breathing, and metabolism to burn more calories to lose weight and strengthen muscles. The basic idea is to vary the intensity within your workout, instead of going at a steady pace.

Check out this post on Tabata Training for a great 4 minute, high-intensity interval workout. Walking Walking is simple yet powerful.

It can help you stay trim, improve cholesterol levels, strengthen bones, keep blood pressure in check, lift your mood and lower your risk for a number of diseases diabetes and heart disease for example.

A number of studies have shown that walking and other physical activities can improve memory and resist age-related memory loss. All you need is a well-fitting and supportive pair of shoes.

Start with walking for about minutes at a time. Swimming Swimming can be easily called the perfect workout. The buoyancy of the water supports your body and takes the strain off painful joints so you can move them more fluidly. Research finds that swimming can improve your mental state and put you in a better mood.

Water aerobics is another option. These classes help you burn calories and tone up. Squats This exercise is an excellent calorie burner because squats use the largest muscle groups in the body.

Squats are exercises that consist of an up and down motion of the body that resembles the motion of getting out of a chair. In fact, some trainers suggest that a person new to trying to do squats can practice by getting up and down from a chair.

The proper way to begin is to keep your back straight, feet spread apart about shoulder length with both arms extended, knees over the ankles and then go downward with your butt just touching the chair; then return to your original standing position.

Eventually, stop using the chair and you'll be doing effective squats.

Essay on walking is the best exercise

No matter what you do, you should incorporate squats into your routine. If you train for strength, squat using a barbell or holding dumbells in your hands.

If you want to train for endurance or cardio, use body-weight squats. Push-ups The basic push-up is the classic exercise to strengthen the upper body chest, shoulders, and triceps and core abdominal muscles. Beginners can first do push-ups by spreading their fully extended arms slightly more than shoulder width apart with their hands against an unmovable object like the edge of a kitchen countertop.

Then bend your elbows until your chest almost touches the edge of the counter op, allowing only your toes to bend and keeping your back and legs in a straight line.

Then push your body away from the countertop until your arms are again fully extended. As you progress, you should use lower stationary objects for example, a stationary bench and eventually do the push-up with your hands on the floor. Lunges Lunges work the same large muscle groups as the squats, but can work additional leg muscles and improve balance.

Lunges are done by taking a big enough step forward that the knee forms about a degree angle. However, you must keep your spine in a neutral position upright position, no bending forward.

Your trailing leg, at the same time, should have its knee come close to the floor and have the toes accept significant body weight.Current Exercise Research At Rhodes University in Memphis, TN, Dr. Gerecke and team report that exercise can protect mice against toxic exposure.

MPTP is a neurotoxin that is used as an animal model for Parkinson’s disease (PD), as it selectively kills dopamine A chemical messenger (neurotransmitter) that regulates movement and emotions.

If walking is your exercise of choice, Dunn recommends mapping out a one-mile course. (You can drive the route in your car using the odometer or walk around a track at the local high school.) Then.

Words Essay on a the advantages of morning walk. Yogic exercises cannot be learned without the help of a yoga teacher. But walking is an exercise which is the cheapest.

It does not need any training. It is the easiest of all exercises. A morning walk is the best exercise. It can keep a person fit and fresh throughout the day.

It is. Jun 06,  · My hope is that this essay has persuaded people to change their minds about working out. "The Importance of EXERCISE." Ambassador Youth. N.p., We try to make the best. The most common form of exercise that older adults engage in is walking, but studies have shown that walking does not lower the risk of falls, the researchers said in their study, which was.

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