Nih cover letter page limit

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Nih cover letter page limit

It is arguably more difficult to write the LOI than a full proposal. A Letter of Intent is brief, i. See the end of this post for two sample LOIs.

Nih cover letter page limit

So, what is a Letter of Intent, really? Some foundations and other funding agencies often require a LOI as the first step in the application process. The Letter of Intent is also referred to as a Letter of Inquiry.

Its acronym is LOI. LOIs may be invited to be mailed, emailed, or submitted via an online application process. Why is a Letter of Intent requested?

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Keep in mind that any Letter of Intent should provide essential information for the grant maker to make a funding decision although, at this early stage in the grant making process, grant makers typically use the Letter of Intent to: Letters of Intent are often the first contact an applicant will have with a grant maker; consequently, leverage this opportunity to make the best impression possible with your potential funder.

Attachments should only be included at the direction of the potential funder and should be specific to its application guidelines. Information about a letter of intent will be found on the Funding Opportunity Announcements either Program Announcements or Requests for Applications.

Descriptive title of proposed research, Name, address, and telephone number of the Principal Investigator sNames of other key personnel, Participating institutions, Number and title of the funding opportunity FOR LOIs to Foundations: Similar to a grant proposal, the LOI should include the following sections: Executive summary including the name of your organization, the amount needed or requested, and a description of the project.

The qualifications of project staff, a brief description of evaluative methodology, and a timetable may also included here. Be concise and focus on the ability of your organization to meet the stated need.

Provide a very brief history and description of your current programs. Proved evidence that there is a connection between what is currently being done and what you wish to accomplish with the requested funding.

You will flesh this section out in greater detail if you are invited to submit a full proposal. Include a description of the target population and geographical area, appropriate statistical data. Use this section to convince the reader that there is an essential need that your project will meet.

Present a clear and achievable solution to the stated need. Describe the project briefly, including major activities, names and titles of key project staff, and your objectives.

You will expand upon methodology if you are invited to submit a full proposal. Other funding sources being sought for support of the proposed project should be listed. Restate the intent of the project, affirm your readiness to answer further questions, and thank the potential funder for its consideration.NIH encourages you to submit a cover letter with your application.

The information included in the letter can help in referring your application to a particular review group and give NIH other information that will help conduct an appropriate review.

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NIH allows the submission of up to two revised applications (now known as “Resubmission” applications) and no longer restricts those submissions to a two-year timeframe. Page limits for the Introduction vary for specialized mechanisms (e.g., R03 and R21 applications).

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